Why I’ve made a blog

Hey my loves,

I wanted my very first post to be about why and how I came about blogging. Now for some, its not a huge deal but for me its been a long decision ( 2 years to be exact). Yes, you heard that right, it took me 2 years to muster up the courage to write what I love and put myself out online. (even though I’m still figuring out how to use this, but I’ll get better I promise)

As a teen, I slowly got into makeup and very quickly fell in love with it. Ive always wanted my own style and loved reading books about beauty, learning about makeup artists of the past and creating my own style. But anyway fast forward to 2015, I wanted to have my own blog. So I drew up some designs, had plans for my Instagram to be more instagrammy and went on make up sprees. Somehow, I started taking it too seriously and I kind of forced myself into it by being all serious about target audience, monetising and only writing about one thing, blah blah. It sucked the fun out if it. Even in makeup I pushed myself to do it better and then that became a chore too and I dropped the whole idea. I always had doubts and this voice in my head that said, my make up isn’t good enough, or I don’t have enough followers and no one will read my posts so i might as well not bother…

Fast forward to 2017 where I left Instagram to take a break from all the pretty girls, the lavishness, the glamour of it all (hope someone can relate!). In this time, I had an epiphany. It took me a while but I became content with who I am and my abilities. Now, ive started to not feel insecure/threatened by other influencers because I actually felt that way and now I post what I like and take risks (AKA, this blog).

This blog is kind of a personal diary that I want to share. I’ll be talking about issues that people have requested and issues im passionate about such as suicide, depression, mental health, and so much more that I really want to share. If anyone wants to reach out to me I’m only a click away and i’ll also be including the relevant helplines.

So to wrap up this insanely long post ( I love you if you’ve made it this far ❤ ) . Take risks. Seriously take the plunge and don’t leave projects halfway. Take risks and you’ll be surprised because it may be the best thing you’ve ever done.

See you in my next post!

Love from Sahibah x

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