Pro lip contouring technique

Hey my loves! I wanted to share with you my top lip contouring technique’s to create a perfect polished pout. Lip contouring, when done properly is so effective in creating a faux pout without the need for costly invasive treatments. Its a contouring technique that is low maintenance, quick and easy and so transformative! I’ll be sharing technique’s dependant on the shape of lips you wish to achieve and the type of shade that complements it. As I have been enjoying a laid back more “natural” makeup look, my attention is really on my lips and for it to create a full bold impact in contrast to a subtle eye and complexion.

Essential Lip care

First off, lip care is essential for a clean base. The same can be said for any other areas, a clean well exfoliated and hydrated base is essential! I tend to exfoliate my lips too as part of my general routine and keep a nourishing lip balm on me wherever I go especially in the cold and dry winter weather. Homemade organic exfoliants such as the classic brown sugar and honey combo are great as well as drugstore exfoliating lip scrubs and balms.

Nude lip contouring

The idea behind different contouring techniques is to alter it depending on what you wish to bring forward, define and hide. And the same applies for lip contouring! Different lip contouring techniques ensure you achieve the shape you want, whether its an all round plump doll shape or a more refined pout. It also can be altered depending on the colour you wear and how you want it to stand out in comparison with the rest of your face. Makeup in general is about balance and gorgeous cohesion!

For a Nude Lip my go to combo’s are : Mac boldly bare lip liner and Kylie Cosmetics Exposed or Velvet Commando. Recently I have been loving all types of peach, from peachy nudes, pinks and browns and will be sharing my top favourites on my Instagram

My personal preference with a Nude lip is to create a full plump Bratz like pout that looks very flattering. With this I want to accentuate my cupids bow, bring more attention to the centre of my lips and define the top and bottom for a more fuller effect, focusing more on contouring rather than highlighting


(Note: You could also contour down the centre of the bottom lip to create that gorgeous Angelina Jolie pout)

Products used : Laura Mercier cream contour palette, Iconic London original illuminator

  • Deposit cream contour shade on the back of your hand, using an angled brush trace along the top and bottom lip.(TOP TIP:  Drawing a line downwards from the bottom lip gives the illusion of a plumper lip by creating a shadow underneath)
  • To blend stiple the darkest cream contour using your finger and then a foundation brush. STIPLE FOR CONTOUR, BLEND OUTWARDS FOR HIGHLIGHT 

A bright/red lip contour

For a bright/red lip, I believe a more tighter defined pout looks very subtle and sultry. This can be done by a different technique- focusing more on highlighting.

Products used: Kylie cosmetics Mary Jo lipliner, Laura Mercier in signature red

– Trace along your upper lip with cream contour and the centre of the bottom lip for a fuller look

– Next, using the lightest shade draw a line upwards from your Cupid’s bow and blend upwards too! Do the same from the bottom and blend downwards

– Using the lightest shade again, with an concealer brush highlight along the edge of the lip and outwards towards your cheeks. The closer to the lip the better. When blended out with a foundation brush it created a “cinched in” the effect from the sides but beautifully plump and full from the centre!

 Highlighting along the edge of the lip and outwards gives a tighter defined and sultry shape to the lip- which is perfect with a classic red or bright lip

And that’s it!! These are two great effective contouring techniques that have a bold impact on your makeup look

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Until next time

Love from Sahibah xx

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