Long distance relationships: Your questions answered

Hi my loves, I hope you are all well. This blog post has been a long time coming since everyone on Instagram has been asking me through Q&A sessions and DM’s, tips and tricks on how to sustain and nourish a long distance relationship. If like me, you have been scouring the Internet hoping for some golden advice to ease the time apart from you and your significant other, or are worried your relationship isn’t as it used to be before – then please keep on reading!

As you may already know the long distance aspect in my life has finally come to a close. Long distance relationships can vary from weeks, months, or years – depending on the situation. Whatever situation your in, whether you live/work/study in different countries, or are a married couple – its important to see your long distance relationship from a positive perspective. Coming from someone who only viewed it from a negative perspective it made my day to day life almost unbearable. We’ve heard this before, but mindset is everything. Regardless of the time you are spending apart or are expected to be apart – your mindset now will ultimately have a domino affect on every aspect of your relationship – present and future. It may sound difficult but maintaining a positive mindset will make the experience more manageable and less difficult in the long run

Communicate, but not excessively

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